[4K] Short but Worth, Stopover in Busan

If you’ve ever been bored at a stopover during your travels, look at stopovers in Korea! 
We hope everyone gets the chance to feel the charm of Busan through its convenient public transportation, safe travel environment, various foods, activities and sight-seeing. 
Once we’re free to travel the world, don’t waste your time at an airport and come see the beauty of Busan in person!

*Transit visa free
- You can enter and travel around korea visa-free through stopover
*Convenient airport service
- You can find the luggage storage options available in and around Gimhae airport
*Fast and safe transportation
- You can easily travel from Gimhae airport to Busan

[Sites Visited]  
0:53 Jangnim Port
1:05 Ahopsan Forest
1:21 Busan Air Cruise
1:28 Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge
1:33 Bupyeong Kkangtong Market
1:44 Gamcheon Culture Village
1:56 Huinnyeoul Culture Village
2:05 Jukseong Catholic Church
2:09 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
2:22 Gwangandaegyo Bridge
2:27 Suyeong Bay Yacht Tour
2:36 Park Hyatt Busan
2:48 Hilton Busan
2:53 Bosu-dong Book Street photo studio
2:59 Rovin Museum


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